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NOTE of ARNO Precision Bearings Installation

Precision bearings are mainly used for high-speed rotating occasions with lighter loads, requiring high precision, high rotational speed, low temperature rise and lower vibration and a certain service life of bearings.

Often used as the supporting parts of high-speed electric spindle for installation and use, is the inner surface grinder high-speed electric spindle hub supporting parts.
High-speed precision bearing service life and installation has a great relationship, should pay attention to the following matters:
1. Bearing installation should be carried out in a dust-free, clean room, bearings to be carefully selected, bearing compartments to be ground through grinding, in the maintenance of internal and external ring compartments, such as high conditions, the parallelism of the enclosure should be controlled below 1um;
2. Bearings should be cleaned before installation, cleaning when the inner ring slope upward, feel should be flexible, no sense of stagnation, drying, into the designated amount of grease, such as oil mist lubrication should be placed in a small amount of oil mist oil;
3. Bearing installation should use special tools, the force average, strictly prohibited banging;
4. Bearing storage should be clean and breathable, no erosion gas, relative humidity does not exceed 65%, long-term storage should be on schedule anti-rust.


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