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Tapered roller bearing

  • Tapered roller bearing
  • Tapered roller bearing
  • Tapered roller bearing
Tapered roller bearingTapered roller bearingTapered roller bearing

Tapered roller bearing

  • bearing
  • roller bearing
  • Tapered
  • Product description: Tapered roller bearing
The product adopts CAD design and adopts advanced processing equipment and manufacturing processes including intermediate frequency hot forging and expansion forging, numerical control multi-knife, and profiling turning, heat treatment for protection atmosphere, numerical control grinding, and automatic grinding processing line production; the detection means are complete. Dynamic and non-destructive testing of the product's shape profile, roundness, roughness, vibration, noise, cracks, life, etc., and the effective operation of the TS16949:2002 and ISO9001:2000 quality systems ensure that the entire process quality is controlled.

Main purpose:

Products are widely used in automobiles, construction machinery, machine tools and general machinery industries, the company adhering to the "customer focus as the focus" to "pay attention to the process, strive for excellence" method, "to meet customers, mutual benefit and win-win" as the goal, established a perfect Quality Management System and Resource Management System (ERP).


All models


Chromium steel (main), carbon steel, stainless steel, ceramic

30000 series

30202,30203,30205,30206,30207,30302,30303,30305,30308,30352 ect

31000 series

31305,31306,31307,31308,31310,31311,31312,31313,31314,31319 ect

32000 series

32204,32204,32206,32209,32210,32303,32304,32305,32306,32334 ect

33000 Series

33205,33206,33207,33209,33210,33217,33108,33109,33110,33118 ect


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