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Linear bearing

  • Linear bearing
  • Linear bearing
  • Linear bearing
Linear bearingLinear bearingLinear bearing

Linear bearing

  • Product description: ARNO linear bearing
Linear guidance systems with linear recirculating ball bearing units comprise ball bearing units, carriages and guideways. They allow large support distances, have adjustable clearance and are to standard accuracy class G3.

The full complement bearing units run on one or both sides of the guideways and, despite their small dimensions, have high load carrying capacity. If the bearing units are screw mounted in carriages, together with the guideways they form four-row linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies. The ball bearing units are sealed on all sides by the wipers on the end faces and on the sealing strips which form a gap seal in conjunction with the guideway. Linear recirculating ball bearing units can be relubricated.


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